The Strong get Stronger….

In two years time, without help now, Northampton market will not exist.
The rent is not the only problem down there, as us market traders have to put up with the falling footfall of customers; the anti-social behaviour of the street drinkers and dealers; and the stink of the alleys surrounding the market which are used for toilets in bad weather now that winter is upon us. The market-place has fallen into what might be called a medieval atmosphere.


Fitzy Strikes Back!

As I have pointed out before, Northampton Borough Council's so-called 'Consultation' process for changes to our Town Centre, and particularly our Market Square, is deeply flawed. About a thousand people were involved in this 'Consultation'. That is rather less than 0.5% of the population of Northampton, which is over 230,000; so NBC 'Consulted' less than half of one percent of all the people who live in Northampton, the biggest Town in England!


Another White Elephant

As I have recently remarked, there is a grave danger of this 'Indoor Food Hall' proposed by NBC for the top of the Market Square, becoming another White Elephant, just like Market Walk now is, and has been for years. Why, when the council already have one White Elephant to show off to visitors, do they want two? Shoppers never ever come into town to see white elephants. Ever.


The Fitzy Charter

'The Fitzy Charter' by Andrew Starsmore.

Fitzy should be classified by English Heritage as the bedrock of the market community for generations, as well as that of the town of Northampton. People of Northampton have 'The Fitzy Charter'. For 570 years - sorry, 57 years, Fitzy has been a fruit & veg trader on Northampton Market providing a service that money cannot buy.


Town Centre Masterplan

I see there is talk of another £150 K to further explore the idea of Northampton's Town Centre Masterplan. Before further 'exploration' is done, there are any number of basic questions to be answered. Only if these are given satisfactory answers should money be spent exploring further.


Shuttered Stalls

Shuttered Stalls?

Shuttered stalls on Northampton Market? To help bring our market into the modern world, and to make it more competitive against the supermarkets, a limited number of shuttered stalls would give many advantages, like refrigerated storage of perishable goods, for example.


The Curse Of Sekhemka – 2.

Every now and then an event takes place that is so compelling, so newsworthy, and so captures the public imagination that it can’t be ignored. We have had our own event, and it’s been called “The Curse of Sekhemka”.


The Curse of Sekhemka

The Sekhemka statue was gifted to Northampton in 1880.There were two conditions: it had to be looked after; and it had to be displayed. When it came off display for four years these terms were considered broken and it went to auction. This was controversial.


The Hindsight Committee

Northampton now has a hindsight committee. They came to see me. The occasion was Zac Goldsmith's recent ashen-faced and dramatic loss of a twenty-three thousand majority in the Richmond Park by-election. He lost his seat, which was considered an impossible feat.